5 November 2019 Ogan Ozsoy


Speaker: Ogan Ozsoy
University of Warsaw
Title: Probing Early Universe on Small Scales
Date: November 5, 2019
Time: 14:30
Cookie & Tea: SCI 103, 14:15
Place: SCI 103
web: https://physics-seminars.ku.edu.tr/


Observations of Cosmic Microwave Background ( CMB ) radiation appear to be consistent with the simplest realizations of the inflationary paradigm: single field slow-roll inflation. However, in practice, CMB probes can provide us information about the inflationary dynamics only for a limited range of scales that correspond to a small portion of the dynamics when compared with the required time span for inflation in solving the standard problems of Hot Big Bang cosmology. This leaves us with a large portion of the dynamics together with a vast range of scales that are pretty much uncharted and yet to be explored. In this talk, I will focus on two possible observational windows together with a simple primordial mechanism that can provide us the opportunity to probe the inflationary dynamics on small scales compared to the CMB. In this context, I will show two exemplary scenarios that has potential to accomplish this goal through enhanced scalar and tensor fluctuations during inflation.

 Short Bio:
Ogan Ozsoy received his BSc. degree in physics at Istanbul Technical University (2009) and MSc. degree in physics at Bogazici University (2011). After his MSc., he moved to the United States to pursue his PhD. degree in theoretical physics at Syracuse University. In the theoretical cosmology group at Syracuse university, he worked on various problems including dark matter, gravitational waves in the early universe and inflation. During his PhD. years, he received graduate fellows award (2015) from Delta Institute of Theoretical physics to conduct his research at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands as a visiting researcher. After the completion of his PhD., he joined to the Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology group at Swansea University, UK, where he worked as a postdoctoral research associate (2017-2019). He is currently working in the theoretical particle physics and fundamental interaction group at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Warsaw as a postdoctoral research fellow (2019-…). His research interests include, Beyond the Standard Model theories in connection with early universe physics, primordial gravitational waves at interferometer scales, particle production mechanisms in the early universe and their phenomenology at CMB/Interferometer scales.