3 April 2018 Adnan Kurt

Speaker             : Adnan Kurt, Teknofil
Title                     : Passion for Mind and Matter: An adventure with neurons, electrons and photons
Date                     : April 3, 2018 Tuesday
Time                    : 14:30
Cookie & Tea  : SCI 103 14:15
Place                   : SCI 103
web                       https://physics-seminars.ku.edu.tr

This talk will be about the recent projects I have taken part in industrial and academic research. I will concentrate on 3D metal printing, confocal microscopy, brain stimulation and x-ray imaging. Design techniques, related experimental and theoretical problems will be discussed.

Short Bio: Adnan Kurt completed his BS degree in Electrical Engineering and MS degree in Physics at Bogazici University in 1984 and 1987 respectively. He taught Mathematics for Neuroscience at Istanbul University Istanbul Medical School; Electronic Design, and Experimental Physics Laboratory at Koç University. His recent research and work focuses on electrical and optical brain stimulation, control of brain functions, laser spectroscopy, laser-tissue interactions, electronic instrument design for optics research and biomedicine, flashlamp pumped solid state lasers, instrumentation with micropower microcontrollers, switchmode magnetics and power supply design for high voltage, hardware and software design for data acquisition and control.