13 November 2018 Can Kozcaz


Speaker             : Can Kozcaz, Boğaziçi University
Title                     : Gauge/Liouville Triality for ABCDEFG
Date                     : November 13, 2018
Time                    : 14:30
Cookie & Tea  : SCI 103 14:15
Place                   : SCI 103
web                       https://physics-seminars.ku.edu.tr

One of the biggest challenges in theoretical physics is to analytically understand the color confinement in 4d QCD. Seiberg and Witten made a major breakthrough in this direction when they determined the low energy effective action of N=2 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory, a “cousin” to QCD. Seiberg-Witten solution was based on electromagnetic duality and self-consistency of the proposed solution. Later, a new program was initiated to compute the same action using more direct methods leading to what is now called the “LMNS or Nekrasov partition function”. In 2009, Alday, Gaiotto and Tachickawa conjectured a very deep and surprising connection between Nekrasov partition function for 4d theory and the conformal blocks of Liouville theory in 2d.  The Gauge/Liouville trinity was first proposed to understand a particular lift of this correspondence in one higher dimension using the string theory constructions. Later it was extended for all simply laced groups. In this talk, I will show how to generalize triality to any simple group based on my work with Haouzi.

Short Bio: Can Kozcaz obtained his PhD from University of Washington in 2009. After postdoctoral positions at CERN, SISSA and Harvard University, he joined the faculty of Boğaziçi University in 2017. His research is on string theory and quantum field theory.