20 November 2018 Habib Rahbari


Speaker             : Habib Rahbari, Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Title                     : Jamming an instance of critical phenomena in athermal non-equilbrium systems
Date                     : November 20, 2018
Time                    : 14:30
Cookie & Tea  : SCI 103 14:15
Place                   : SCI 103
web                       https://physics-seminars.ku.edu.tr

Particulate matter, such as foams, emulsions, and granular materials, attain rigidity in a dense regime: the rigid phase can yield when a threshold force is applied. The rigidity transition in particulate matter exhibits bona fide scaling behavior near the transition point. I will review our recent results regarding scaling and fluctuations near the rigidity transition in particulate matter.

Short Bio: Habib Rahbari is an assistant professor at the School of Physics under KIAS: http://newton.kias.re.kr/~habib/